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Our Work

we are TB is a community of Tuberculosis survivors, patients and family members committed to the common goal of TB elimination. We invite you to join the we are TB family, and become a part of the camaraderie and spirit that has been built through the sharing of our stories and activism to educate the nation about our disease.




we are TB volunteers have been where you are right now. We understand. and we’re here to support you. we are TB hosts online treatment support meetings in English, where you can find a stigma and judgement free place to share your experiences. we are TB does not offer legal or medical advice, but you can expect compassion, friendship and encouragement. Loved ones of those facing tuberculosis are also warmly welcomed to our community.  Connect with us today. 




we are TB works tirelessly to help fund TB programs and research in the USA and around the world. Your personal story can help. we are TB provides training and opportunities for people in treatment, TB survivors, and their families to educate lawmakers about TB and secure the needed financial support to eliminate it. 

Shaka DC DOH 2017
Shaka 2019 NTCA
Nauman ISDA



we are TB volunteers attend regional and national conferences and provide a patient or family perspective to those involved in TB care. With your help we can make TB treatment more person-centered and better for everyone. Members of we are TB also speak to the media to represent those impacted by this stigmatized and misunderstood disease. we are TB members have contributed to news articles and have their experiences featured on a variety of websites and even billboards. Many of our survivors have been featured on the CDC website's survivors stories. You can find them here:

Shaka UF

we are TB is an opportunity to engage in advocacy work to educate our communities, states and nation on the reality of TB. 

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