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How I went from TB Patient to Author

I wrote this book because it changed my entire outlook on life. I know that a lot of people are uneducated and unaware of just how severe TB can get. I wrestled with the idea of telling this story for a long time, and realized that God didn't bring me out of a situation like this one for me to keep it to myself. I really just wanted to uplift people, educate them, and even motivate them to put up a good fight no matter what may come their way. I suffered a really tough time, but always found something to laugh and smile about (as you saw when you read it). I definitely had to laugh at my own pain at times, but it taught me that HEALTH is WEALTH. People need to understand that and take care of themselves. I just want people to awaken their winning spirits, because it takes will power to win!

Million Dollar Man: Surviving Tuberculosis can be found on Amazon at:

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