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we are TB = U.S. TB Elimination Champion 2019

Every year The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) honors U.S. TB Elimination Champions! In their words, this project "provides an opportunity to recognize accomplishments and learn best practices from people who are making a significant contribution to preventing and controlling TB in the United States." As you can imagine it's wonderful to be identified as a TB Elimination champion, and this year We Are TB received the recognition and we couldn't be more excited! Everyone in We Are TB has given so much of themselves to help End TB - we have volunteered lots of time and energy just to get a chance to open up our hearts and tell others what it's like to have tuberculosis. This first hand perspective from actual TB patients and survivors is so important as we finally see a little more interest in the danger TB poses worldwide, and as new innovations and treatment strategies are proposed. The only way to talk about tuberculosis ethically is to have the effected in the conversation, and it is so fantastic to see that others agree, and to have We Are TB acknowledged and supported in this way. We thank everyone for giving TB survivors and patients an opportunity to speak and to share. Please consider us going forward for advocacy, patient support, and education!

Some highlights from 2018-2019 include:

  • The launch of - created and maintained by TB survivor Kristi

  • The United Nations High Level meeting in NYC with Pediatric TB survivor Jackson and mother Kristine presenting at several related events.

  • Our new logo by Edi Benson:

  • TB Hill Day in Washington DC, featuring visits to elected representatives offices by TB survivor constituents, House and Senate briefings, and an event to thank Representative Gene Green of Houston for this dedication to ending Tuberculosis.

  • Our annual training at the NTCA Conference in Palm Springs, bringing us 8 new members.

  • Survivors Miriam, Shaka, Jerry, Kelly, Emily, Kristi, Tenzin, Laura were featured in the CDC's ongoing "TB Personal Stories" campaign.

  • GTBI, The CDC, Breathe PA, The Philadelphia Department of Public Health and TB Echo heard from TB Survivors Khayr, RJ, Kate and Krystal in webinars.

  • Visits with our partners to local representatives offices: Pediatric TB survivor Scarlett Fritchy and her Mother, We Are TB founder Carrie, visted U.S. Representative Diana DeGette in Colorado. Kate O'Brien and GTBI staff visited U.S. Representative Donald Payne in Newark. Greg Quiñones visted NY State senate offices with TAG in Albany.

  • Members of We Are TB provided emotional support to individuals in treatment.

Thank you for these opportunities to help in the fight against TB - and more!

I was also recognized by the CDC as a TB Elimination Champion and it really means so much to me. Having a community like We Are TB has been an extremely healing experience, and hearing from other patients and survivors keeps me driven. I am honored beyond words and extremely grateful!

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